The Strangles

The Strangles beach in North Cornwall
The Strangles
The Strangles beach at low tide
The Strangles at low tide

The Strangles is a beach between Boscastle and Crackington Haven that is reached via a public footpath crossing the Coast Path. The Strangles gets its name due to the treacherous currents and jagged rocks that have wrecked many ships trying to navigate the rocky coastline of North Cornwall. This is not a safe beach for swimming unless the sea is completely calm without much surf. There is spectacular scenery both on the walk down and from the beach itself including a rock arch and the cliffs are covered with gorse and heather flowers in early autumn.

There are actually two beaches. In Summer, Little Strand - the small beach around to the right (accessible only at low tide) is popular with Naturists.

It's about half a mile walk to the beaches. Despite winding its way down a huge cliff, the path is extremely well maintained and it's a surprisingly easy walk; even coming back up isn't too tiring. When you reach the beach at the bottom there is a rope to hold onto to climb down the rocks onto the beach. It looks worse than it is - the two pensioners in our group had no problem getting up or down, though we wouldn't recommend it for young children or anyone not steady on their feet.


Follow the B3263 through Boscastle up the hill on the other side and past 2 turnings on your left to Beeny. After these take the next left at a staggered crossroads. Follow the lane (passing a left turn to a farm and a right turn to another farm) and downhill to a the parking area where the road has been widened slightly. Take the footpath opposite the parking area signposted to The Strangles.

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