Jeffrey's Pit

Jeffrey's Pit picnic area
Jeffrey's Pit picnic area
Bluebells in woodland at Jeffrey's Pit
Bluebells in the woodland
Wood sorrel
Wood sorrel

Jeffrey's Pit, located at the top of the road to Trebarwith Strand, is an old slate quarry and was still working in the early 20th century, closing in 1928. Alf Burrell, who lived in Trewarmett and died in the 1970s, started work there as a boy, making tea using the water from the stream. The cutting sheds were on the opposite side of the road (now a house), and as you walk down the road to the beach, the slate tips are walled up on your right. The slate tips cover the stream, which re-emerges below them to continue its path down the valley.

There is a parking area in what used to be the quarry pit. Above this on the left, a stream tumbles down the hillside through a grassy area with picnic tables under the shade of some large trees which in Summer is a pleasant place to have a picnic or just relax with a book.

Upstream of Jeffrey's Pit, at the top of Trebarwith Valley, the public footpath runs for a 15-20 minute walk alongside the stream through ancient woodland. Few people go up here, so it's a peaceful spot and a good place to see wildlife. In early spring, you're likely to see frogs breeding in the stream. In April and May, the woodland floor is carpeted in bluebells contrasted by brilliant celandine, primroses and delicate wood sorrel flowers - an indicator that this has been under woodland for a long time.

In wet weather the path can be quite slippery (there is a steep earth slope in once section) so wear walking boots and take a stick if you have one. In dry weather from spring until autumn, sandals are fine (there is a stream to cross so designer footwear is not recommended). If you'd like a longer walk, try our Trebarwith Valley circular walk.

In deepest winter when the temperature drops below freezing, the quarry face to the right of the parking area becomes a cathedral of icicles. To avoid being impaled don't stand too close or poke them as they do occasionally fall from great height accumulating significant momentum behind the pointy end before crashing onto the ice.

Directions from Trewarmett

Turn right out of Park Farm and head down Trewarmett Hill. Turn right towards Trebarwith Strand and the entrance is immediately on your left.

Walks from Jeffrey's Pit

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