Trewarmett Downs

Footpath to Trewarmett Downs
Footpath through the trees
View over Trebarwith Valley from Trewarmett Downs
View over the valley
Stoat on Trewarmett Downs
Stoat on the downs
Stream at Trewarmett Downs
Stream on the downs
View over Trebarwith Valley from Trewarmett Downs
View over coast

Up to the early 1900s, the village folk of Trewarmett would have picnics up here after Sunday School. Now it's a kind of forgotten Eden - hardly anyone ever goes up here any more so it's peaceful, full of wildlife and still a fantastic spot for a picnic, a quiet walk or just relaxing.

There are wonderful panoramic views over the old engine house at the Prince of Wales quarry, Port Isaac Bay, Trebarwith Valley, Treknow and Tintagel. There is a network of small fields which are only occasionally grazed so they are full of wildflowers. At the bottom of one of the fields is a stream.


  • Walking from Trewarmett
  • To the stream:
    1. From the gate, bear left onto the path leading to the top left-hand side of field where it widens.
    2. Continue through a gateway and up to where it reaches two large slates on the right. Turn right into the field.
    3. Go straight across field towards large tree. To right of tree follow the steps down and the path to the stream.
    4. Follow the stream as far as you can go (a few yards) and take steps up to left which leads back into the field. Follow path back up up to large slate stones.

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