The Four Seasons in North Cornwall

Cornwall is a popular destination in the Summer, but with a bit of local knowledge you can have a really enjoyable holiday at other times of the year with the bonus of more peace and quiet and cheaper prices. We have collected some suggestions of things to do and see which are particularly good in each of the seasons - follow the links below to the page for each season.

Spring Flowers at Trebarwith
Spring flowers at Trebarwith

Spring is a wonderful time in Cornwall; the weather is getting warmer, but it's still quiet, with deserted beaches, footpaths and moorland. The spring flowers are emerging, lambs are out in fields, and the sea is beginning to calm down from the wild winter storms. Many of churchyards of our ancient churches and hedgerows are filled with wildflowers and along the coast path, thrift and sea campion carpet the cliffs in pink and white flowers. See our page on some of the best things to do and places to go in Spring.

Bossiney Haven
Bossiney Haven

Summer is when Cornwall truly comes alive. The sea can be as calm as a lake and, once the mid-Spring plankton bloom has cleared, as clear and blue as any tropical ocean. As the waters warm up, summer visitors such as dolphins, basking sharks and sunfish start to arrive. If you don't need to fit in with school holidays then you can see Cornwall in the brilliance of Summer in June and early July before the tourists arrive. From late July and through August, people flock from far and wide for the sun, sand and surf for which Cornwall is famed. See our page on some of the best things to do and places to go in Summer.

Autumn sunset at Park Farm
Autumn sunset at Park Farm

In Autumn, Cornwall slows down from the frantic pace of the summer season. The beaches are no longer crowded but the sea is at its warmest so for the energetic there is still plenty to do. This is the ideal time for surfing as the sea can be too flat in the Summer and too rough during Winter. See our page on some of the other things to do and best places to go in Autumn.

Winter Waves at Trebarwith
Winter waves at Trebarwith

Winter shows Cornwall at its most dramatic and romantic: the sea is at its wildest, with crashing waves rolling onto deserted beaches; empty fishing boats creak on their moorings in quiet harbours; winds sweep the barren moorland and snow capped tors. See our page on some of the best things to do and places to go in Winter.